Scottish Vernacular Dictionary
Dodge (Mibbe 'Jook' is not correct spelling please feel free to sort oot!)
Or "Juke" The front of yer jumper or t-shirt. "Tam goat caught shoapliftin in JJB Sports. He hud three hoodies an a perra adidas trackies up his jook"
Jamaican Slang Glossary
To pierce or poke; to have sex.
Rasta Dictionary
to pierce or stick, as with a thorn or a long pointed stick.
North Country (Newcastle) Words
to crouch or stoop suddenly, as it to avoid a blow. 'Jooh and let the jau gan by', that is 'stoop and let the wave go over you' i.e. yield to a present difficulty
Gullah Words
jab, jabs, jabbed, jabbing

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